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An obsession with fine fabric, elegance and soft luxury handmade in South Africa

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The annual blooming of the jacarandas represents the start of high summer and like a sigh, as the year draws to an end, our streets are generously carpeted in blossoms. This provides the backdrop for the collection, which we celebrate with luxury heirloom fabrics in pure, uncomplicated yet feminine shapes with a quiet nod to the Far East.
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This collection explores a rediscovery of human tradition through craft and handwork. It represents a time when our connection to nature meant that each garment was made for an individual, worn for a lifetime and took on the characteristics of its wearer. A fairy-tale peasant girl. The colours of this collection are inspired by natural stains. Texture and layering create an individuality to each garment. Celebrating a new tradition in a post disposable world.
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In 1930 the British government imposed heavy taxes on salt in India. Ghandi, as part of his campaign of satyagraha (non-violent protest) against British rule, set out on a 240 mile walk to the ocean to harvest salt. All along the way, he addressed large crowds. With each passing day an increasing number of people joined the march. By the time they reached the water, Gandhi was at the head of a crowd of tens of thousands. He spoke and led prayers and early the next morning walked down to the sea to collect salt. This image of thousands of people walking into the sea, and allowing the salt to crystalize on their clothing inspired the collection.
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